SKE Crystal Pod Kit - New at Vape Culture

SKE Crystal Pod Kit - New at Vape Culture

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SKE Crystal four in 1 2400 Pod INTRODUCTION
SKE Crystal four in one 2400 Pod comes with 4 delicious flavours, providing you with about 600 puffs for every pod. Each hit contains 2% nicotine, providing you with a satisfying working experience. These pods are made to work seamlessly with SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kits, furnishing 2ml of e-liquid for ease and suppleness. Filled with a solid 20mg nicotine salt focus, they deliver a easy but powerful punch. Engineered with precision for reliable vapour and flavour, these pods take your vaping to the following degree, whether you're a newbie or even a seasoned vaper.


• 4 SKE Crystal Flavours

• About 600puffs For each-Pod

• 2% Nicotine Level

• Compatibility with 2400 SKE Pod Kits.

• 2ml E-liquid Pod Capacity

• 20mg Nicotine Salt


Green Version - 1x Lemon & Lime, 1x Blueberry Lime, 1x Tropical Combined, 1x Lychee Ice

White Edition - 1x Watermelon Ice, 1x Watermelon Strawberry, 1x Pink Lemonade, 1x Melon Berry

Rose Edition - 1x Cherry Ice, 1x Fizzy Cherry, 1x Strawberry Burst, 1x White Peach Razz

Blue Version - 1x Blueberry Sour SKE Crystal 2400 Raspberry, 1x Cola Ice, 1x Blueberry Peach, 1x Blueberry Raspberries

Final Edition - 1x Lemon and Lime, 1x Cherry Ice, 1x Watermelon Ice, 1x Strawberry Burst

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